Motorcycle chases and shooting in a cyberpunk world


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Protocol is an action and speed arcade game where players control a fugitive who is escaping by motorcycle, while tons of security androids try to knock him off the road.

Players can control the direction of the motorcycle with the arrow keys, while they can use the mouse to point and shoot their laser gun. However, the laser gun can only be shot in a straight line, so you'll have to be parallel to the androids to finish them off.

Of course, things will be easier at the beginning, where you only have to face small androids. But you will soon have to confront rival motorcycles and larger robots. Luckily, you can also improve your weapons, moving from the first laser gun to much more devastating machines.

Protocol is an entertaining game whose strong point is its spectacular graphics, whose every pixel reminds you of cyberpunk. It's not for nothing this game was shown at Gamejolt's Cyberpunk Jam.
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